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Acrotrend talks on Looker to CRN.com

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At Acrotrend we always like to have an opinion on things. This time around, we were asked to provide our view on how our partner, business intelligence software company, Looker, has been evolving to enhance its offering. Looker is currently going through the process of being acquired by Google and will become part of the […]

How are Pharma companies getting competitive in the new age of data?

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In NEW PAINS FOR PHARMACEUTICALS, I discussed the new set of challenges that make it difficult for commercial teams to effectively plan and respond to the customer expectations and market dynamics. Acrotrend has helped its Pharma clients define and execute effective HCP-centric, multi-channel sales and marketing strategies – all based on the insights held by […]

From Insight to Action to Stranger Things

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In our previous episode of Stranger Things, we looked at how insight drives Netflix’s success. If you missed that post, you can read it here. As we move through the DATA > INSIGHT > ACTION loop, this blog post deep-dives further into the ACTION aspect of Netflix’s data. When we arrive at the Insights stage, […]

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