Data Science Led Insights

In the data economy, business rely on uncovering the hidden, intricate patterns in customer behaviours, needs & motivations to stay ahead of the competition.

The volume of data generated by today’s complex, multi-channel customer journeys can quick over whelm manual analysis process – automated machine learning ensures you can spot & act on trends in real time, while reducing the workload on staff.

Acrotrend’s Data Science and Machine Learning led insights services provide you with the capability to quick, dig deep into the data generated from multiple business systems. We empower you to apply advanced analytical methods, data science techniques and Machine Learning approaches to generate the answers and hidden insights you’re looking for.

Our Data Science Led Insights Deliverables


Inform critical business decisions with real time, predictive insights

Identify Indicators

Identify leading indicators of success or risk in your business


Predict & score likely outcomes based on customer intents & behaviours

Customer Experience

Personalise & guide your cross channel customer experience

Our Service Approach

Advisory Consulting

Advisory Consulting

Strategic consultancy services to help define your retention strategy, churn or KPI Framework.

Delivery Accelerators

Delivery Accelerators

Our Blueprint solution accelerators speed up your journey to insight, so you can take action sooner.

Managed Services

Managed Services

Take the risk & effort out of your project, for a predictable monthly price.

We provide solutions to the complex customer analytics problems such as Advanced Customer Segmentation.