Data Lake

Today’s systems, devices and customer journeys are generating more data than ever before. Too often this data is lies dormant in system or departmental silos meaning valuable insights about your business or customer intentions are missed. Pooling your data in a data lake makes it easy to discover, analyse and act on, unlocking your data’s real value.
Acrotrend’s services help you plan, set up and leverage a data lake using cost effective cloud platforms that will deliver your business goals.

Our Data Lake Deliverables

Converge Data

Store massive amounts of data from across your organisation in a single location.

Any Type of Data

Derive value from all types of data – structured or unstructured.

Granular Governance

Apply controls for data privacy, security, usage and cost management.

Fast, Low Cost Analytics

Ad hoc analysis without complex data transformation.

Machine Learning Ready

Run data science and machine learning algorithms directly on your data lake.

New Insights

Catalogue data for fast discovery, access and analysis.

Our Service Approach

Advisory Consulting

Advisory Consulting

Strategic consultancy services to help define your retention strategy, churn or KPI Framework.

Delivery Accelerators

Delivery Accelerators

Our Blueprint solution accelerators speed up your journey to insight, so you can take action sooner.

Managed Services

Managed Services

Take the risk & effort out of your project, for a predictable monthly price.

Build your cloud scale data lake at lower cost with Amazon Web Services.