Data: Fuel Your Digital Transformation

Businesses today complete on customer experience, but do you know your customer well enough to differentiate?

With ever interaction your customers leave a trail of data, revealing their likes, dislikes and interests, as well as their needs and motivations. It’s no wonder they expect you have an intuitive understanding of what they need, but are you in a position to deliver? 

If your data is stored in multiple CRM and transactional systems or left in offline and/or online silos, it’s very difficult, if not impossible for you to develop a full picture about your customers, their journeys, their value or loyalty to your business. And if you can’t connect this data, you won’t be able to deliver personalised, targeted treatments to them, which means they’re missing out on the best possible customer experience and you’re missing out on enjoying their full potential. This impacts on your bottom line. 

Acrotrend work with you and your existing systems and processes to connect data from every touchpoint in the customer to create a single customer view to power a more personalised experience and more effective business processes.

Customer Analytics Reference Architecture for Data

Cloud Data Warehouse

Activate Your Data

Data warehouses are the foundation of the modern data driven business. From one-off consulting engagements to full end-2-end out sourced delivery, Acrotrend provide a range of services to help you migrate to modern cloud architectures and to support your business transformation using data.

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Data Integration

Connect, Clean and Deduplicate Your Data

Get best practice guidance to improve and enhance your customer analytics infrastructure. Connect data from every touchpoint in the customer journey to get a single view of the customer. Feeds insights into your CRM, marketing and service systems to deliver an enhanced customer experience.

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Data Lake

Get Insights From Any Type of Data

In newer customer engagement channels such as chat and social the data produced is often “unstructured” coming in the form of photos, video or natural language. Before this data can be analysed it needs to be converted into a more consumable form using big data techniques.

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Data Quality

Condition Your Data for Insights

You have customer data in lots of systems, but which copy is the most up to date? Can you identify the same individual across multiple systems? Acrotrend’s Data Quality service will match, merge and clean your customer records to give you a single, reliable version of the truth and help you manage personal data in a GDPR complaint way.

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Master Data Management

Be The Master of Your Customer Data

Poorly defined customer data within a company leads to inaccurate reporting across your systems and can lead to disastrous consequences in terms of customer relationships and more often than even bad PR. Acrotrend will help you merge, manage and de-duplicate your data.

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Our analytics and consulting solutions

Acrotrend helped us understand our members behaviours.

Acrotrend helped us understand our members’ behaviours at gym sites and brought out very actionable segments and data-driven insights. We can now nurture these segments through our digital marketing initiatives to improve the member experience, and drive better health outcomes and lifetime value from our gym members.

Ben Hammond  – Head of CRM, Nuffield Health.

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