Data: Fuel Your Digital Transformation

Businesses today compete on customer experience, but do you know your customer well enough to differentiate?

With every interaction your customers leave a trail of data, revealing their likes, dislikes and interests, as well as their needs and motivations. It’s no wonder they expect you have an intuitive understanding of what they need, but are you in a position to deliver?

“Acrotrend helped us understand our members behaviours.”

Ben Hammond  – Head of CRM, Nuffield Health.

Connect your Data

If your data is stored in multiple systems, developing a full picture about your customers and their value is a real challenge.  Connecting your data allows you to deliver personalised, targeted treatment and provide the best customer experience.  Without this, you are missing out on realising the full potential of your customer. This impacts on your bottom line.

Acrotrend work with you, to connect data from every touchpoint, powering a personalised customer experience and more effective business processes.

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Our analytics and consulting solutions

Acrotrend helped us understand our members behaviours.

Acrotrend helped us understand our members’ behaviours at gym sites and brought out very actionable segments and data-driven insights. We can now nurture these segments through our digital marketing initiatives to improve the member experience, and drive better health outcomes and lifetime value from our gym members.

Ben Hammond  – Head of CRM, Nuffield Health.

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