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Cloud Data Warehouse

Data is continually growing in volume and variety. Combine that with an ever-increasing number of digital and offline sources, and data ends up scattered across your organisation. Traditional data warehouse platforms struggle to keep up with modern customer data management requirements. What’s more, they’re high on maintenance costs, cannot handle many types of data formats and fail to deliver an efficient foundation for customer data analysis.

Acrotrend’s Cloud data warehousing service aims to bring all your structured and semi-structured data stored in different silos into an analysis friendly, low-cost Cloud data warehousing platform. We deliver Cloud data warehouses on Snowflake, the only data warehouse truly built on the Cloud.

If you already have a legacy data warehouse, we can help you migrate to Snowflake in a matter of weeks. If you would like to create a modern customer data warehouse from the ground up, we work with you to define and implement a roadmap to achieve your specific customer data management goals

Customer Analytics Reference Architecture for Cloud Data Warehouses

The result? A high performant, low-cost customer data warehouse that enables in-depth understanding of your customers from their various touchpoints and provides a 360° view of your customers by breaking all data silos.

What are the Benefits?


Scalable customer data platform with no hassles on administration and ownership

Lower costs with a pay as you go model for the compute and storage of customer data
High performance with high concurrency, resulting in higher user adoption by sales, marketing and customer service teams for their analytics and reporting requirements
Machine Learning and Data Science ready big data infrastructure
Consistent and continuous delivery of a 360° customer view

Get Results Faster

Accelerator for Data Warehouse Modernisation
Amazon AWS select consulting partner
Snowflake partner. Snowflake is the leading cloud native data warehouse.
Talend partner. Talend's data integration platforms and Stitch solution delivers insight ready data at scale.

Steps to Success

1. Discovery

Determine customer data use cases and select one to be piloted with roadmap for complete implementation

2. Evaluate

Pilot for legacy data warehouse migration or a new modern data warehouse use case implementation.

3. 3. Productionise

Roadmap implementation of a fully productionised customer data warehouse using Snowflake.


Our Cloud data warehousing services are powered by process & technology accelerators, including Gap Analysis Framework, ready made migrations for Oracle to Snowflake, SQL Server to Snowflake, to Snowflake, Eloqua to Snowflake, Data Integration Framework and Quick Deployment Pack for AWS.

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