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Data Quality

As you start to read this, you will perhaps acknowledge that you have had various conversations on ‘data quality’ within your company. There will be horror stories circulated on just how bad your data is and that it just cannot be fixed. We often hear this story and we do beg to differ.

Data quality as an initiative is often pegged to data analysts. No doubt there is value in doing that, however we believe that enterprises can make data quality an agile journey.

Acrotrend data quality service offers the best in class platform to answer your data quality needs. We offer to work closely with you to determine the right use cases to initiate your data quality journey.

Customer Analytics Reference Architecture for Data Integration

We include our custom machine learning algorithms to match and cleanse the data. These algorithms can learn from your data over iterations and start fixing issues with appropriate interventions where necessary.

And to comply with the strict requirements for GDPR and alignment with your industry standards, we can help your pseudonymize data to be shared internally or with the third parties.

Once the use case is determined, we start with profiling your data and presenting a ‘State of the Data’ dashboard that gives you a complete summary of what’s good & not so good with your customer data.

After understanding the issues, we can then define the business rules and implement them as cleansing rules to validate, de-duplicate & standardize your customer data. This can be done independently, or we can integrate this as a part of your workflows.

We can then introduce the data quality controls and automation into your regular integration workflows. The business can intervene depending the defined thresholds through data stewardship.

What are the Benefits?


Understand the critical issues with your customer data.


Save costs by reducing manual effort on matching and cleaning your customer data.

Better decision-making capabilities with better quality customer data.
Increase revenue with cross sell & upsell with better matching customer data.

Get Results Faster

Accelerator for Analytics Architecture
Talend partner. Talend's data integration platforms and Stitch solution delivers insight ready data at scale.
Amazon AWS select consulting partner

Steps to Success

1. Data Profiling

Conduct a rapid discovery and get a report highlighting the underlying issues with your data.

2. Data Cleansing

Cleanse, enrich and pseudonymise your customer data as an on-going activity or as a service.

3. Data Controls & Automation

Implement quality controls and automate the entire workflow with threshold based interventions.


In order to give you faster delivery timelines and deliver consistent high-quality outputs, our Data Quality services are powered by technology and process accelerators like common customer data model, master data assessment framework, profiling framework, quick deployment pack for AWS, customer match ML, integrations for Salesforce CRM, Salesforce Marketing Cloud & Eloqua and more…

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