Data Lake

Data silos are a bane for the organisation if you are not able to analyse them together. And once you add unstructured data into the mix and you are talking about giving a splitting headache for the CIOs.

Customer Analytics Reference Architecture for Data

Acrotrend’s Data Lake service aims to help you to plan and avoid such failures. Our 7+ years of experience of dealing with data on AWS and working on all relevant technologies, we can design your data lake in tune with your organisation realities.

Converge Data

Converge all your customer data across the organisation into one single area.

Cost Savings

No need to structure beforehand and apply the schema at the point of analysis.

Derive Value

Derive value from all types of data – structured or unstructured.


Simple administration and ownership, with scalability.

Granular Governance

Alignment to privacy regulations across organisation.

Advisory Consulting

Strategic consultancy services to help define your retention strategy, churn or KPI Framework.

Delivery Accelerators

Blueprint solution accelerators speed up your journey to insight, so you can take action sooner.

Managed Services

Take the risk & effort out of your project, for a predictable monthly price.

We can implement the right tools within AWS to get started with the data lake.


Our solutions are powered by accelerators, that speed up deployment. For example, Rapid or Comprehensive Customer Analytics Architecture Assessment, Gap Analysis Framework, Recommendations Framework, Pilot Approach Template, Data Integration Framework, AWS Quick Deployment.

Data Integration Framework

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Quick Deployment Pack for AWS

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The right usage of S3 for ingesting all kinds of data and analysis using relevant tools like Athena can give companies relevant insights and ability to take the correct actions.

Best of Breed Technologies

Snowflake partner. Snowflake is the leading cloud native data warehouse.
Amazon AWS select consulting partner
Talend partner. Talend's data integration platforms and Stitch solution delivers insight ready data at scale.

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