Data Integration

Data is the lifeblood of any digital project. Connecting data requires a scalable & versatile approach to integrating systems. At Acrotrend we’ll guide you to the right strategy to integrate your cloud, SaaS & on-premise data sources to get a single view of the customer.

“66% of companies lack a centralised approach to data, with data silos being one of the most common issues.”


From connecting legacy systems to solving true big data challenges, Acrotrend provides the expertise to solve your data integration problems.

Our Data Integration Service Deliverables

Integrate Any Data

Integrate data in any format; integrate using batch, streaming or modern ELT.

Lower Cost

Replace or retire legacy systems without loss of data or interruption to workflows.

Single Customer View

Streamline customer service by breaking down data silos.

Fully Managed Service

You focus on using your data, we’ll manage the integration.

Scalable Automation

Automate all your data integration flows & govern access to data.

Improved Collaboration

Improve internal or external collaboration by making data accessible.

Our Service Approach

Advisory Consulting

Advisory Consulting

Strategic consultancy services to help define your retention strategy, churn or KPI Framework.

Delivery Accelerators

Delivery Accelerators

Our Blueprint solution accelerators speed up your journey to insight, so you can take action sooner.

Managed Services

Managed Services

Take the risk & effort out of your project, for a predictable monthly price.

We work closely with you to build an agile roadmap and a robust plan that can help you to achieve your business objectives.

Best of Breed Technologies

Snowflake partner. Snowflake is the leading cloud native data warehouse.
Amazon AWS select consulting partner
Talend partner. Talend's data integration platforms and Stitch solution delivers insight ready data at scale.

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