Data Integration

Data Integration

The two dreaded words of ‘data silo’ can make any business or technology leader nervous. You often hear concerns that the organisation culture and certain other areas stall the progress to get value out of your data. At Acrotrend, we fully appreciate the cultural aspects, however we strongly feel that the solutions along with the accompanying roadmap & plan often fall short of the promises to truly integrate your data silos.

Customer Analytics Reference Architecture for Data Integration

We believe a strong flexible technology stack that can help you satisfy your integration use cases can make a work of difference. And if you plug that in with Acrotrend’s expertise and experience to create a robust agile roadmap, Acrotrend’s data integration service can indeed deliver on the three words your leader would love to hear – breaking data silos.

If you plan to ingest data from any of your data sources, we can help with migrating your complete historical data into a platform of your choice. Once migrated, you can opt for a batch based or real time integration or combination of both depending on your requirements. This integration can be in the cloud or on your premise. At every step of the way, we will work closely with you to build an agile roadmap and a robust plan that can help you to achieve your business objectives keeping your costs under consideration.

Once integrated into the target data warehouse, the data may need to access by other systems. For instance, certain cleansed and transformed customer data needs to be integrated back into CRM. We can provide integration back into other systems.

The result of breaking the data silos can help you understand and interact with your customers in ways that you may not have imagined before. The customer experience can go several notches having a direct impact on your revenue and higher customer satisfaction.

Finally, once your integrations are up & running, we can provide this as a managed service package so you move on to achieve your next business objective and leave the details of your integration to us

What are the Benefits?


Enable single view of your customer from various system silos.


Better decision making capabilities with integrated data sets.


Improve internal or external collaboration by making data accessible.

Flexibility to replace or retire legacy systems without loss of data or interuption to existing workflows.
Integrate data in any format; mix traditional ETL, real time streaming or modern ELT integration approaches.

Get Results Faster

Accelerator for Analytics Architecture
Amazon AWS select consulting partner
Snowflake partner. Snowflake is the leading cloud native data warehouse.
Talend partner. Talend's data integration platforms and Stitch solution delivers insight ready data at scale.

Steps to Success

1. Discovery

Conduct a rapid or comprehensive customer analytics architecture assessment to understand your company’s data landscape.

2. Data Ingestion

Migrate your data from any type of source system and continue with batch based or real time integration. Make data accessible to other systems.

3. Data Accessibility

Integrate the key data elements from your data warehouse into other relevant systems.


Our solutions are powered by accelerators, that speed up deployment. For example:

  • Rapid or Comprehensive Customer Analytics Architecture Assessment
  • Gap Analysis Framework
  • Recommendations Framework
  • Pilot Approach Template
  • Roadmap
  • Integration Assessment Framework
  • Data Integration Framework
  • AWS Quick Deployment
  • Rapid Data Profiler
  • Talend Integration Framework
  • Test and Validation Framework
  • Customer Address Cleanser
  • Customer Match Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Quick-start integration for Salesforce, Salesforce Marketing Cloud & Eloqua

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