Boost Customer Retention

Accurately predict which customers are at risk of leaving & why, so you can re-engage them before it is too late.

Customer Analytics Reference Architecture for Insight

Acrotrend’s churn prediction services use data science & machine learning to identify flight risk customers before they leave.

Our Customer Loyalty and Churn Deliverables

Predict Churn Risk

Know before a customer leaves with predictive churn risk scores

Lower Cost

Pay-as-you-go cloud solution minimises costs

Loyalty Insights

Identify behaviour patterns linked to customer churn

Retention as a KPI

Align teams across your business on the goal of customer retention

High Accuracy

Data science approach gives high predictive accuracy

Retain Customers for Longer

Target personalised retention campaigns using micro-segments

Our Service Approach

Advisory Consulting

Advisory Consulting

Strategic consultancy services to help define your retention strategy, churn or KPI Framework.

Delivery Accelerators

Delivery Accelerators

Our Blueprint solution accelerators speed up your journey to insight, so you can take action sooner.

Managed Services

Managed Services

Take the risk & effort out of your project, for a predictable monthly price.

Get actionable insights to reduce customer churn in a matter of weeks

Value Accelerators

Our Accelerator consulting packages deliver insights so you can understand & reduce customer churn. Built using our reference architecture for customer analytics, we give you fast, best practice implementations for an affordable fixed price.

We apply data science to identify customer behaviours that are the leading indicators of future churn, so you can take informed action using the offers, messaging & channel that have the best chance of re-engaging these customers.

Churn Readiness Assessment
Accelerator for Customer Loyalty & Churn Analysis

Accelerator for Customer Loyalty & Churn Analysis

Not sure your data is suitable for churn analysis?

Acrotrend’s accelerator service assesses the suitability of your data for analysis using machine learning, performs initial analysis & recommends a roadmap to reduce churn.

Take the risk out of any future project by ensuring your data & team are prepared.

Project Duration: fixed price for a 3 day engagement with our team of data scientist.

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Complete Churn Analysis Project
Accelerator for Customer Loyalty & Churn Analysis

Accelerator for Customer Loyalty & Churn Analysis

Don’t have the time or skills to run a churn project?

Acrotrend can provide an end-2-end delivery service to merge your customer data, analyse it to score churn risks & provide marketing automation / CRM ready profile lists to launch your retention marketing campaigns.

Minimise costs by using pay-as-you-go cloud infrastructure to host your data. Mothball at the end of your project or reuse for single customer view insights & analytics.

Project Duration: typical 4-8 week project depending on exact requirements.

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