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How to drive sales with a winning HCP Targeting Strategy

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As discussed in my earlier blog, using the combination of the explosion of commercial data accessible by pharma companies, and new methods of advanced analytics and data visualisation, pharmaceutical companies can create a winning HCP Targeting Strategy to drive sales. I also considered some of the prominent use cases based on the same data sets […]

How are Pharma companies getting competitive in the new age of data?

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In NEW PAINS FOR PHARMACEUTICALS, I discussed the new set of challenges that make it difficult for commercial teams to effectively plan and respond to the customer expectations and market dynamics. Acrotrend has helped its Pharma clients define and execute effective HCP-centric, multi-channel sales and marketing strategies – all based on the insights held by […]

New pains for Pharmaceuticals

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The pharmaceutical industry has modernised its tech stack. So why is it still experiencing data pains? The pharmaceutical industry has gone through important updates – expiring patents, the generalisation of drugs, technology upgrades for CRM and other systems and the adoption of digital technologies to keep up and align with the entire ecosystem and major […]

How often do you exercise… your data?

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Think your gym members’ data is valuable? Not unless you exercise it properly! Fitness clubs and gyms have more data at their disposal than ever before. And not just the membership data that holds contractual and financial details but also behavioural data and data from wearable tech. Members’ swipe card and access data contains all […]

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