Acrotrend helps businesses to:

acquire more customers faster
and hold onto them for longer
by keeping them happier

We give your business actionable insights
right when you need them most
enabling well-informed and timely decisions

We give your business actionable insights right when you need them most enabling well-informedtimely decisions

Data Warehouses Delivered

Customer Analytics Projects

Data Specialists

We give your organisation the capabilities to
know what data to use
Show your teams how to uncover the
so what behind the customer data

Then enable smarter decisions by knowing –
now what needs to be done

Our Method

Four Dimensional Data Insights

4dDI Model

4dDI creates lasting transformation and long -term self sufficiency by focusing on customer insights capabilities.

4dDI creates lasting transformation and long-term self sufficiency by focusing on customer insights capabilities.

4dDI Model

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4dDI Model
Data and Business Goals Data Compliance Data Governance Data Operations Business Processes Business People Insight Technology

Data and Business Goals

All of our projects start with outlining the goals that the business wants to achieve.

Data Compliance

Is the data safe to use and completely fit for the purpose that you are asking of it?

Data Governance

Need to ensure that the data is maintained at the highest level of quality.

Data Operations

Is the compliance and governance of the data cost effective for the business?

Business Processes

The environment that we are feeding the insights into needs to be prepared to perform the correct actions.

Business People

Needs to be shared with the people who are actually going to be asking to use the Insights to achieve the business objectives.

Insight Technology

How is technology (legacy or new) going to be used across all of these dimensions to achieve the predetermined goals.
Needs to be ensured that the tech is not a solution looking for a problem.

How We Work

DEPTH Framework

Our DEPTH approach creates pace and agility in our work, by dividing activities into five distinct categories. This enables us to plot clear roadmaps, devise effective plans, and deliver outstanding results within time and cost constraints.

Our Experience

Case Studies

Acrotrend and Nuffield Health’s Strategic Partnership

Nuffield Health holds enormous quantities of data. This data was creating data silos and making it difficult not only to obtain a true and consolidated view of customers, but to pull business-critical reports required to guide their key strategy of ‘Connected Health’.

Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research relies completely on the financial contributions of supporters; therefore, understanding which of its supporters contribute most to their bottom line is vital to the success of its supporter relationship management and outbound marketing campaigns.

UBM Centre of Excellence

The company organises some of the most well-known and longest running events across 11 critical sectors as well as owning the largest medical publishing business in the US. Acrotrend helped UBM in establishing a Customer Insights Centre of Excellence to support and deliver customer analytics across various portfolios and brands in a standardised and optimised way.


What Our Customers Say About Us

“The Acrotrend team clearly demonstrated their ability to work as a strategic partner with our stakeholders. They not only fully understood our current and future requirements but accurately translated those findings into a technology architecture that will future-proof our organisation, provide us with advanced data analytics, and provide us with on-going cost savings. These outcomes underline why we chose them and why they have such a brilliant track record of delivery in this area”.

Georgia Patin, Head of Technology Architecture, Nuffield Health

“Acrotrend helped us understand our members’ behaviours at gym sites and brought out very actionable segments and data-driven insights. We can now nurture these segments through our digital marketing initiatives to improve the member experience, and drive better health outcomes and lifetime value from our gym members.”

Ben Hammond – Head of CRM, Nuffield Health

“Acrotrend’s right approach means that we have been able to deliver projects within tight budgets. Essentially we are now enabled to beat cancer through having a better relationship with our supporters.”

SRM Program Director, Cancer Research UK.


Best of Breed Technologies

Acrotrend partners with industry leading vendors to deliver end-to-end solutions for our clients.


Our Areas of Expertise

Data compliance & governance
Data strategies and operating models
360° view of customer
Salesforce customer journey analytics
Customer data science, ML and AI
Cloud data migration
Data quality management
Data warehousing, data lakes & architecture