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Our Approach Modernises our Clients’ Capabilities and Embeds Actions Based on Customer Data into Their Everyday Work

Cancer Research UK Worked with Acrotrend Over Larger Consultancies Because of Our Integrity & Honesty


Changing Results

So you want to know about us. At Acrotrend, we help our clients become customer-obsessed, and the results they achieve can be game-changing. We believe that meaningful, contextual insights underpinned with the right technologies and methods enable our clients to make better decisions. Our approach modernises our clients’ capabilities and embeds actions based on customer data into their everyday work. We help all businesses: there isn’t an expensive magic formula kept behind locked doors that only large companies can afford.

In 2007 Acrotrend was born to help insight-driven organisations who wanted to connect with customers and their experiences on a deeper level, 10 years on, we are proud to have helped medium-sized clients in all sectors to reach their customers with personalised messages – messages that increase profits

the team

Sandeep Mendiratta
MD & Co-Founder
Shailesh Mallya
Kristian Keep
Head of Technology
Sarah Dinsmore
Consultative Sales
Paul Davies
Head of Events & Media
Pankaj Ghag
Head of Projects
Meenal Ashtikar
Head Customer Insights
Indira Natrajan
India Recruitment
Alex Sadler
UK Recruitment
Sally Bessler
Project Manager
Sachin Kaluskar
Delivery Manager
Kanu Avasthy
Digital Marketing Manager


Vision & Honesty

Our central value is integrity: remaining true to our vision and being honest with our clients. At Acrotrend we don’t over-promise. Instead, we find out exactly what our clients need and deliver it. That’s why several clients have been with us for more than 7 years!

Our team of customer analytics specialists working from offices across the globe are real assets for our clients. They contribute knowledge across different sectors of analytics and live our values. Many of our ‘Acrotrend Family’ have been with us from the start. With their great passion for data, we have grown into an organisation that champions the value of customer data and will be a leading innovator for the next 10 years!