As a customer analytics consultancy, our expertise helps you tap into the often complex and daunting world of customer data. We provide you with meaningful insights that enable you to apply smarter decision-making within your organisation.

Want to get meaningful insights from your customer data?

 We’ll help you simplify the often complex landscape of customer analytics, allowing you to make smarter, more informed decisions when engaging your target market.

We’re in the business of making sense of your customer data, helping you to:

Identify Where & When Your Customers Engage With Your Brand

Discover Where Your Customers Are Based and How to Engage Them

Discover What Your Strongest Customer Engagement Channels Are

Make Smarter Decisions When Providing Value to Your Customers

Simplify the complex landscape of customer analytics.

What our clients have to say

Working with Acrotrend felt more like a partnership. They went above and beyond to understand our market situation and needs, creating an analysis framework that we can use to engage our audience community like never before.

– Amandeep Sandhu,
Vice President,
Customer Insights at UBM Tech

Acrotrend’s right approach means that we have been able to deliver projects within tight budgets…essentially we are now enabled to beat cancer through having a better relationship with our supporters

– SRM Program Director,
Cancer Research UK

Great work and thanks to you all for your patience and persistence in the line of above and beyond the call of duty to make this a success for everyone

– Program Delivery Manager,

Some of our great clients

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